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Parts of Engine

Main Engine

Top of the main engine

Top of the Main Engine. This Japanese built B&W Engine has 7 cylinders, a bore of almost 3 feet and a 7 foot stroke. Top speed is 94 rpm.


 A different view of engine

A little different view of the Engine. The big hoses are hydraulic actuators for the Exhaust Valves.Smaller hoses are high pressure fuel lines.

Control Air Compressor

control air compressor

This is the Control Air Compressor, one of 5 large air compressors in the Engine Room. The output from this is used in pneumatic control systems for the Main Engine and other control systems all over the Engine Room.

Main Engine Turocharger

Main Engine Turocharger

This is the Main Engine Turbocharger casing. To give some perspective, the silver part is about 3 feet in diameter. The rotor inside rotates at about 15,000 rpm when the engine is running at sea.

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

All electricity is produced using this and three other Wartsila Diesel Generators. Two of them are 4 cylinders and two are 6.

Stern Thruster Motor

Stern Thruster Motor

Also in the generator flat is this 1000 horspower Stern Thruster Motor. It powers a large pump which jets water to one side or another, thrusting the ship in the opposite direction. It is used as an aid in docking.