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Korean Register of Shipping

The Korean Register of Shipping (KR) is a Ship Classification Society enjoying an international reputation for its technical service excellence. KR's purpose is to serve the public benefit by safeguarding life and property at sea and by preserving a clean ocean environment through establishing impartial and universally recognized standards that offer cradle-to-grave coverage of ships and marine structures in terms of design, construction and maintenance.

Founded in 1960, KR has grown rapidly along with the growth of the shipbuilding and shipping industries in Korea. KR is proud of its highly qualified personnel. It is staffed by technical professionals who are all well educated and have various experiences and expertise accumulated in active shipbuilding and shipping industries.

The services of KR are :

The Korean Register of Shipping (KR) is a non-profit ship classification society established in June 1960. It is dedicated to working toward the goal of safe ships and clean oceans through promoting technology and human resource development related to shipping, shipbuilding, and industrial services.

KR has grown rapidly along with the expansion of shipbuilding and the shipping industries in Korea. In keeping with this rapid growth, KR became a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in 1988, and, in 1990, was listed in the Institute Classification Clause (ICC) of London Underwriters. This high international standard of confidence is indicative of KR's solid underpinnings and provides outstanding global recognition of KR as a well established classification society.

KR has more than 19 million gross tonnage of shipping, comprising more than 2000 ships in its registry. KR is authorized to carry out statutory services on behalf of some 35 governments and operates 30 exclusive offices and 22 non-exclusive stations at major ports around the world.

KR invests intensively in Research & Development in order to promote even more effective classification rules. Continuous extension of its survey networks and enhancement of service excellence through training and education of its personnel help to maintain its technical integrity. In this way, KR ensures the delivery of a high standard of service to its customers. KR's ultimate goal is the realization of its vision : "Unrivalled technical servies and globalization."