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Bureau Veritas

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In 1828, Alexandre Delaye, Louis van den Broek and August Morel set up an "Information Bureau for Maritime Insurers", with the intention of "seeking out the truth and telling it without fear or favour". The aim was to provide insurers with all the information needed to assess the degree of trustworthiness of ships and their equipment, and protect the safety of life and property.

The world has changed and moved on since 1828, as industrial, technological and cultural revolutions have followed one another. Bureau Veritas has managed to keep abreast of new trends, continuing to see itself as the guarantor of respect for quality, health, safety and environment worldwide.

A Group dedicated to Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment management (QHSE)

With a presence in 120 countries, 500 offices world-wide and a qualified workforce of more than 10 000 experts, Bureau Veritas provides an extensive range of specialized services in the areas of Conformity Assessment (1), Consulting & Training and Outsourcing.

Bureau Veritas' mission is to deliver economic value to its clients through QHSE management of their assets, projects, products and systems resulting in licence to operate, risk reduction and performance improvement.

Bureau Veritas has an undisputed expertise in major industrial sectors :

A Group anticipating its clients needs by offering more added value

Recognised as a worldwide reference in technical advice and conformity assessment, Bureau Veritas has extended its capabilities to enhance its clients' performance and to manage their risks.

A Group with international recognition

In order to carry out credible recognised services for our clients we have gained worldwide recognition from many government authorities. These recognitions are a fundamental part of our business and must be maintained through continuous improvement and training of our people to ensure the highest level of service.

BV Logo

Bureau Veritas is accredited by several accreditation bodies

Bureau Veritas have gained the confidence of many governmental authorities :